Why Arkitech

Since 2012 Arkitech has invested in high-quality machinery and high-end equipment and setting up a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians to offer a complete Light Gauge Steel (LGS) manufacturing solution. This solid foundation enables Arkitech to complete the cycle of design and build in-house without outsourcing essential components and presenting reliable, precise and high-quality framer solutions to the LGS construction companies and manufacturers wordwide. The goal is the smarter, easier, faster, more innovative and durable designing and constructing of LGS buildings with Arkitech LGS Technology.




Arkitech designs all essential components of the Arkitech Framers with a high level of accuracy and reliability in-house.




Arkitech has wide range of machinery and equipment to manufacture the self-designed framers and their components in-house. This applies both for standard as well as for customized solutions.




Arkitech has its own experienced automation team for the design and build of electric and electronic parts for the framers, working in partnership with worldwide known high-quality brands.




The assembly of all mechanical and electric/electronic parts are done by Arkitech Assembly Team precisely under control of the Design and Quality team of Arkitech.




Since all components are designed and manufactured in-house, the framer test team is able to survey and to check for function each part separately and to make an overall test after assembly. After all necessary inspections and tests the test team prepares the framer for in-house customer inspection before shipment.




Arkitech has its own design and manufacturing software, which has been completely developed in-house. Supported by regular projects and customer feedback, the software is continuously improved to make design and manufacturing processes easier and faster.




Arkitech Framers are capable of importing and running also third-party software production files. Also, customers can request special punching tools for Arkitech Framer which can be easily installed into the framer onsite and simplify the software integration.




Arkitech always listens to the Customers and has a vision:  Feedback of customers contributes development and success of our company. In this manner, we develop and manufacture the Arkitech systems as direct answer to the specific needs of customers on-site.




Arkitech does not charge the customer after purchasing Arkitech Framer and Software any linear meter fee or any maintenance costs for the framer. Also, the design and manufacturing software is used by the customer as full ownership.




Arkitech is the fastest responding company to the customers providing the most analytical technical solutions in house. The technical team of structural, software, mechanical and industrial engineers and technicians is responding in time.




Arkitech is based in Ankara, Turkey. Because of the central hub location combined with excellent road, air and sea transportation facilities we are capable to visit customers all around and in overseas countries on-site within a very short time and also to arrange any required delivery quickly.